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I have a soft spot for Zizzi since its where I had one of my first ever dates with my boyfriend many many moons ago. The place has since been completely refurbished (and its much nicer) but it still offers the same casual italian dining.

Since it was a friday night there was no voucher offer available to make the cost of the meal any cheaper, BUT we discovered we could get free garlic bread and glasses of prosecco with 02 priority moments. So yay!

I ordered the clarissa calzone (£9.50) – a folded over pizza with tomatoes, goats cheese, and veggies. It was very delicious – and it wasn’t easy but I managed to eat the whole thing!

One of my colleagues ordered this pizza – it was HUGE and looked very tasty.

For dessert, I had  a chocolate melt with marscapone (£5.50). I was really too full to eat much of it, but it wasn’t great. It wasn’t piping hot in the middle as it should have been, more lukewarm. Someone didn’t microwave it for long enough!

Good points –

  • Nice food
  • Offers to keep the price down, even at the weekend

Bad points –

  • The service was pretty inattentive – the staff are always young and inexperienced seeming and don’t seem to have a plan when it comes to checking on tables
  • The food can be a little cold when it gets to you (sometimes) probably due to the staff not being that organised. This is why I always order a calzone!
  • The whole place is VERY loud – its not a quiet intimate dining experience and you can struggle to hear your dining companions speaking!
  • If that kind of thing bothers you, Zizzi is also a chain, part of the same group as Ask and Pizza Express

Do you prefer to eat at chain restaurants, or individual ones (or are you not bothered)? What’s your favourite type of food – mine would definitely be Italian – Pizza, pasta, ice cream…. amazing!