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Random question – I was listening to my iTunes when Cars and Telephones by Arcade Fire came on. I LOVE that song – its amazing. But its very meloncholy (at least I think so – maybe I’ve misinterpreted it?).

It got me to wondering what are some other songs that you guys consider to be heartbreaking, or your go-to sad songs?

For me, these are the saddest songs I know. If you ever need to go from chipper to the verge of tears in three and a half minutes, these songs are perfect. Not sure WHY you would want to do that but…

  • Arcade Fire – Cars and Telephones – the saddest most longing-est song I think I’ve ever heard. I LOVE the rhythm of this song.  Sample lyric – “I’ve lost all my friends; you’re the one I miss the most”
  • Arcade Fire – Intervention – sad but angry (in a good way) too. Sample lyric – “working for the church while your family dies”
  • The Cinematic Orchestra – To build a home – You may also recognise this song from every sad movie/tv show/advert scene recently. Sample lyric – “Now its time to leave and turn to dust”
  • Stars – In our bedroom after the war – This is THE soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse (I’m not sure if this is intentional but if I were directing the music video to this song, it would definitely feature zombies). Sample lyric – “She’s gone, she left before you woke. As you ate last night neither of you spoke. Dishes, TV, bed, the darkness filled with dread”
  • Okkervil River – A Stone – Unrequited love. Awesome lyrics, awesome band, awesome song. Sample lyric – “And I think that I know the bitter dismay of a lover who brought fresh bouquets everyday when she turned him away to remember some knave who once gave just one rose, one day, years ago”

And what are your go-to happy songs too? For me, if I’m feeling really down at any time of the year, I listen to christmas songs and it cheers me up instantly!

As well as Christmas songs, these are other instant cheerer-uppers for me

  • ELO – Mr Blue Sky – especially mandatory on sunny days (obviously)
  • Disney – Under the sea – any Disney song really but this one is especially catchy (and appropriate, since its message is about appreciating what you have) and reminds me of this hilarious scene from The Simpsons
  • Al Green – Let’s stay together – who could fail to be cheered up by a song whose opening lyric is “I am so in love with you”?
  • The Four Tops – Its the same old song – motown is just the best at making me want to get up and dance!