I must be channeling my inner geeky secretary today! I’m wearing Mary Jane flats (any shoes that look like something I would have worn when I was three are okay with me).

I’m also wearing my blue and white polka dot skirt that I got from a past asos sale. I still browse asos but never seem to find anything I really want to buy anymore. Dorothy Perkins and oasis seem to be much more my style at the moment.

White frilly top from primark (I did take a picture of the frills but it was pretty much just a picture of my boobs!) and green cardigan from oasis.

Glasses (I wear my contacts most of the time and only occasionally wear my glasses) and pearl necklace.

What are you guys wearing today? I kind of dislike this in-between period of the seasons where you feel cold when you leave the house and wrap up, and then warm up rapidly as it’s still quite mild right now!