Today, I went against every fibre in my being and set my alarm for 7.30AM. At around ten to eight I finally crawled blinking out of bed to get ready, and then headed into town with Lee!

We went to the post office, wilkos, the pet shop to get spare cat collars for the boys, then boots (I got an amazing purple glittery nail polish which I’ll show you soon!), then onto the greengrocers followed by tesco and THEN the beeston farmers market!

Check out how amazingly cheap peppers are at Fred Hallam

Some Halloween goodies from tesco – pumpkin soup and scary fingers!

Beeston farmers Market with veg boxes and bargain pumpkins !

The most amazing brownie I think i’ve ever had, from the farmers Market. It was more batter than brownie and it was GOOD!!

And finally our big and baby pumpkins!!!! The big one is getting carved for tonight!

Do you have plans to dress up/decorate your house for halloween? Hope you guys are having a fun Saturday whatever you’re doing!