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I spotted this bar in the Boots shop where I work (yes there is a Boots shop in Boots head office! There are also 3 starbucks/costas and a newsagents/dry cleaning place). I thought I’d pick it up to review as I’d never seen them before. Apparently they’ve actually been around for almost a year so clearly I’m just not very observant! Regardless, the new bar is called a Fino and is quite similar to a Time Out and Kinder Bueno. I’m not sure I’ve EVER eaten a Time Out or a Kinder Bueno so I’m probably not the best person to compare them, but I can give you my review of the new bar!

Photo from Jim's Chocolate Mission

The Fino is like a normal twix except instead of thick biscuit in the middle, you have curled wafer. Its quite disappointing how little wafer and how much fresh air is in the middle of the bar. It feels like you’re eating something very insubstantial. It would be much better if the wafer was thicker, or layered with chocolate.

If you like the wafer/chocolate combination, I’d recommend this Lindt wafer bar which is amazing.

Overall, I wouldn’t buy this bar again – a regular Twix is much, much nicer. Okay a regular Twix is around 80 calories more, but personally I’d rather have a nice chocolate bar for 80 more calories than one that leaves me feeling dissatisfied. And given that these are a not inconsiderable 190 calories for the whole bar, there are much better alternatives out there for the same or not many more calories (flake/flake allure which would be far better in terms of satisfying a chocolate craving, and eat natural bars which would also keep you fuller for a lot longer, and are very tasty too – except the yoghurt ones, bleurgh).

Have you tried the new Twix or spotted any other new chocolate bars lately? Let me know!