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While I try to figure out some more inspiration for the easy healthy dinners series, I thought I’d bring you some suggestions for healthy snacks!

I take a filling breakfast (muesli, yoghurt and fruit) plus lunch (normally something involving hummus and veggies in a pitta or a wrap) to work but I still always need an afternoon snack. Without one, I will inevitably wind up eating chocolate or a shop-bought granola bar (even the healthiest options in most shops aren’t too healthy – I would go for an eat natural bar or elevenses bar if I had no other options – but they’re both high in sugar) by mid afternoon.

The key (I think) is to be prepared and take healthy snacks to work so that you’re less tempted to buy chocolate or whatnot in the mid-afternoon. Here’s my run down of great healthy snack options!

Malt loaf

I’m not even completely sure what malt loaf is…. it has raisins… and malt I guess. Its a kind of a malty raisin-y bread. Its also delicious, low in fat and keeps you full for a long time. You can buy soreen snack packs for 99p but I prefer to buy a tesco value loaf and take two slices to work in tin foil. SAVINGS!

Nuts and raisins

This is great for keeping you full since it has protein and carbs, plus the raisins will satisfy a sugar craving.


Fruit is a great snack, duh! But its VERY expensive to buy pre-prepared fruit and fruit salads in most shops. If you have a local greengrocer, check out whats in season and save yourself a pretty penny.

Protip – keep a jar of peanut butter in your desk drawer to eat with apple slices. The perfect snack!

Whats your favourite snack?