Images : Temptalia

Even though I don’t work on premium beauty and get tonnes of freebies anymore (:-( ), I still read a few beauty blogs and when Clinique’s new chubby sticks came out this spring I instantly thought they looked really cool.

They’re best described as a mix between a lip balm and a gloss, with a flattering tint of colour and a moisturising finish. I also think the design of them is great – they look like marker pens! Seeing them makes me want to grab them and start colouring (which you can, but in this case on your face!

The gloss stick winds up from the bottom which means that you don’t have to worry about sharpening them which is very convenient when you’re on the go. They’re also really easy to apply on the go as you can use the lid as a makeshift mirror – plus since the result is fairly subtle, you really couldn’t go wrong with. The finish is more matte than glossy but it gives a flattering hint of rosy colour.

Chubby sticks retail at £14 – and no I wouldn’t pay £14 for one, but if you’re interested, there’s also a Christmas gift set with 4 mini versions in for £27

Whats your favourite lip gloss or balm? I have a zillion tubs of vaseline around the house – they come in handy for everything!

Image : Temptalia