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I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of coughs and colds going around this year. Suspiciously more than in previous years, and much worse as well. I’ve already had one cold that wiped me out for a good few weeks and there are still at least four months to go of proper harsh winter (the temperature hasn’t even dipped below 8 degrees yet!).

What we need here, is a strategy, and my strategy involves soup. This one is packed full of winter veg, low in calories and full of nutrients.

Make this soup in a big batch and freeze individual portions in bags or tupperware, and not only will you always have a warming delicious meal on hand, but you’ll be prepared if illness does strike and homemade soup is required!

Here’s how to make it! Start with a shit – ton of veggies. Clearly its winter so I used whats in season in the UK. If you’re not sure you can easily suss this out by checking whats plentiful at your local greengrocers. It generally involves stuff like swede, turnips, potatoes, brussel sprouts, etc.

You can make this soup with whatever veggies you like and have on hand. I used the ones pictured above because I had them and they needed using up. The only things you absolutely must have to make this soup are an onion, and some chicken or veggie stock.

To make enough soup for 8 meals

  • One massive onion – check out the picture below, its the massivest onion ever! Or a number of smaller onions!
  • 2 litres of veggie or chicken stock.
  • Assorted veggies. Its difficult to say how many you’ll need. A lot is for sure. If I had to guess I would say it was maybe 700g? But you don’t need to measure anything in this recipe, soup  cannot fail. I repeat, SOUP CAN NOT FAIL.
  • salt and pepper
  • I also added some soup and broth mix which is from the tesco whole foods range, you can get in online and in larger tescos for under a pound. Its a mix of lentils, pearl barley and other dried stuff. On the directions it tells you to soak in cold water overnight but I don’t do it. I just add it to my soup and let is simmer away and it always works out NO PROBLEM.

This is the stock I used. Next time I will buy a veggie one as this probably isn’t made using free-range chickens.

First up, chop up your massive or small onions. They don’t need to be too fine, whatever you prefer. Sautee them in a saucepan with some oil but don’t let them brown just cook them until they soften.

Next, start chopping your chosen veggies and put your stock onto boil. Dump all the veggies in the pan with your onions and add the stock.

At this point things will look very wrong, like veggies having a bath. Do not panic. Just give it time….

Set your hob to simmer and check on and stir the soup occasionally. It really should be a soft simmer not a boil – otherwise the ingredients will stick to your pan like nobodys business. If it is getting too dry, just add more stock! It will take between 2 and 3 hours, but soon you’ll have delicious thick soup….


What kind of soup is your favourite? I really like anything tomato and basil in the summer but come winter its all about thick hearty veggie soups with chunky vegetables.