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Getting ready for work in the morning is gloomy and grey now that winter is here. Its barely light by the time I wake up which doesn’t make me want to spring out of bed! In fact I’m getting up about 30 minutes (3 snoozes) after my alarm which is something I really need to stop doing.

This morning, Marty sensed my grogginess and helped me pick my outfit! Here he is perched on top of my wardrobe giving a purr or a hiss to my choices!

Nail wise I’m sporting 17 fast finish in knockout red. The fast finishes come in great colours but seem to chip very quickly for me.

I’m wearing a black sheer Primark skirt with embroidery stuff along the bottom. Marty is chillaxing behind me!

Plus a black vest top and red cardigan (its cold!).

What are you wearing today?