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I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited when I saw that Princess, makers of the lovely fluffy, pink and white marshmallows in the blue bag (which I just described as a ‘cloud of joy’) were going to bring out chocolate covered marshmallows.

Princess Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

Princess Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

People who know me in real life know that this isn’t an exaggeration – I was literally MASSIVELY excited. And so, when one day in November I happened into a nearby newsagents to send an Oasis and Warehouse order back (damn you online pictures that don’t look like the clothes!!) and saw them on the counter, I immediately bought 3 packets (at 69p each! Clearly this newsagents is VERY expensive as the RRP for the tiny 40g bag is 53p!) and headed home.

I opened the first pack and gave them a try. Hmm, I thought, this is odd, it tastes disgusting. I opened pack after pack, hoping that I’d just got a bad bunch. But no. These are the WORST.

What’s wrong with them? Glad you asked – everything. Normal princess marshmallows are, as already discussed, amazing, soft pillowy delights. These are not like that. Instead of a normal sized marshmallow, you have a small, hard marshmallow ball inside of POOR quality milk chocolate. And I’m not being snobbish when I say the chocolate is poor quality – I love cadburys and galaxy, but this is terrible.

I could overlook the chocolate thing though if the marshmallows were of their usual quality, but they’re just disgusting. Take a look at the picture below – the marshmallow is so dried up its shrunk away from the chocolate!

Seriously, how hard is it to take an already amazing marshmallow and put some good chocolate on it? That’s all you had to do Tangerine Confectionary! But somehow you messed it up. Damn you to hell.

Silver lining – this confectionary outrage has inspired me to do a forthcoming Step-by-Step on how to make cute chocolate covered marshmallows on sticks – they would make great Christmas gifts!