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After the horrible disappointment that were the Princess chocolate covered marshmallows (I’m not sure I shall ever recover!), I decided to make my own!

I HAD to make my own to get the memory of the awful shop-bought ones out of my mind (is it just me who has to rectify bad food memories with good ones?). Here’s what I came up with – what do you think?

Homemade chocolate covered marshmallows

Homemade chocolate covered marshmallows

I think chocolate marshmallow pops would be a fab Christmas gift idea. Just take a handful as shown here and put the top halves into a presentation bag and then kinda…. scrunch and fix! So cute! Of course it doesn’t have to be Christmas, I’m sure these would go down well as gifts at any time of the year!

I used plastic forks because I had them around and I was fairly sure that bamboo skewers would be too weak to hold them, but you could also use these cute lollipop sticks that I just bought from eBay!

Also… chocolate marshmallow pops (by the way I totally invented them) may be the entry level cake pop (for people who can’t quite get to grips with cake pops – like me!). You could easily cover them in coloured chocolate or candy melts and then decorate to your hearts content.

Here’s how to make them -First melt up some chocolate. Mine came with bite marks – how rude! I used one kind of chocolate – bournville – but these would also be amazing with a dairy milk/bournville swirl or super dark chocolate, or to be SUPER CUTE you could use bournville and then dip the top in white chocolate and make yourself a cute little chocolate pud marshmallow pop.

I also melted it in a deep wide cappuccino style cup for ease of dipping.



Next, set up your workstation. I covered a baking tray that would fit in my fridge with parchment paper ready for the chocolate marshmallows to rest on and got the chocolate and marshmallows ready in one place. If you want to add sprinkles to your marshmallows, get those ready too. You’ll need to quality control at least 25% of the marshmallows. Food safety is our #1 priority here folks!


Next, start dipping! Plunge the marshmallow into the chocolate and then wait while the excess drips off (you can speed up the process by gently wiping the excess off back into the cup). At this stage at least a few of the marshmallows will fall into your mouth. Accidents can’t be helped.

Chocolate marshmallows

Now its time to sprinkle!

And sprinkle….

And sprinkle!

And……. eat!