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Just so you know – the biscuits were provided to me by Fox’s for review purposes. I accepted no payment and the opinions below are all my own!

I’m not a particularly middle ground person, as you’ve probably noticed! I LOVE lots of things, but when things are bad, I point it out. Pretty loudly.

I LOVE Fox’s biscuits. I didn’t realise quite how much until I came to write this review and realised that all my favourite biscuits are ones they make. I’m not sure why I didn’t realise that, it could be that I’m not looking at the labels too closely, or maybe that I’m just gobbling them down too quickly to see the brand. They make all these amazing biscuits…

Shortbread chocolate rounds.... 3 : 1 chocolate to biscuit ratio. Oh yeahh.

The original and amazing chocolate crinkles

Chocolate caramel biscuits

Melty viennese biscuits........these are tremendous

Chocolate crunch biscuits... I eat a lot of these!

The new biscuits are called Ambers and they taste similar to the crinkle crunches to me. The biscuit base is described as a ‘crunchy golden honeycomb biscuit’. It is indeed crunchy, golden and delicious. There are three varieties of the new biscuits – caramel, praline and original – all coated in a thick delicious layer of chocolate. I think the reason Fox’s biscuits are so good is that they use good quality, creamy chocolate, and you can tell. Other products let themselves down by using low quality chocolate, and other ingredients. Now I know more about them, I like that Fox’s use good quality ingredients and the fact that they manufacture them in the UK.

Here’s what I thought of each type of biscuit!

Caramel – The caramel biscuit was not my favourite. It doesn’t have liquid caramel in the biscuit, but has caramel flavour, similar to the Kit-Kat caramels, and I’m not keen on that flavouring. Having said that, they are still delicious and I they would still definitely not last long in my house!

Praline -The praline variety have little nibs of hazlenut baked into the biscuit base. The little bits of nut add some nice interest and flavour to this variety. I think ‘nutty’ may have been a better name as I was expecting some kind of chocolate hazlenut paste (a little googling informed me that thats actually belgian praline that I’m thinking of). This caused some confusion with my workmates too but they still polished off the biscuits pretty quickly…

Original – My favourite! Crunchy and moreish in the extreme. Each biscuit can be easily dispensed in two bites and they weigh in at only 65 calories each, which is really good for a tasty biscuit! They remind me of a crinkle crunch but the honeycomb adds a lovely golden flavour (if golden is a flavour).

New Fox's Ambers

Overall I really liked the new biscuits and will definitely be buying them again, especially if I spy them on offer.

Have you tried the new biscuits, what did you think?