This Christmas I’ve been inspired by Vanessa from @ Goddess on a budget to do what I’ve been wanting to do for years – make my own edible Christmas gifts. If you’re thinking of doing something similar this year but you’re not sure what yet, read on for inspiration!

1. Christmas tree brownies

Christmas tree brownies

Such a simple idea – I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this! Just make brownies (homemade or a box mix if you want to cheat – the above Christmas trees use the Betty Crocker mix which isn’t a bad one), cut into triangles and add a candy cane trunk to each one. I think it would be really cute to leave the curve of the candy cane on as a little brownie-eating handle!

2. Gingerbread trees with lemon icing

Gingerbread trees with lemon icing

This fab Martha Stewart recipe is really easy to do even if you’re not super confident with baking. Just keep an eagle eye on the gingerbread to make sure they don’t go past golden brown – they can burn in a flash! You can use normal demerera sugar to decorate, or sanding sugar which looks almost like frost.

3. Reindeer cookies

Reindeer cookies

These fab cookies are also tres easy to make and kids would LOVE them. All you need are some chocolate pretzels (M&S now sell them!!) and some M&M’s/Smarties to decorate your basic cookie. So cute!

4. Coconut macaroons

Coconut macaroons

These amazing homemade macaroons have chocolate chips and chopped nuts in them – yum! And you can just amazing how much better these would taste homemade than anything a coconut lover could find in the shops.

5. Christmas chocolate bark

Christmas chocolate bark

Chocolate bark is super duper easy to make (I’ve never made it myself, so maybe I should bite my tongue as I thought that about cake pops too…… but it melting chocolate so how hard can that be!?) and is very striking and festive. To make the ultimate gift, pick the type of chocolate and chopped candy or chocolate that the person you’re giving it to most likes…….amazing! Mine would have to be a dairy milk/bournville base with broken up twirls, bounty bars and almonds on top – its like having your own personalised chocolate bar!

So what am I making this year? Well I’m hoping to make shortbread Christmas trees in vanilla, chocolate, and red and green (I’m hoping they’ll turn out like the below, but we’ll see!) which I’ll decorate with some smarties for baubles! I’ll package them up in Lakeland presentation bags with some ribbon so that they look as good as they’ll taste!

Do you have the homemade gift bug? I wish I could knit, craft or sew gifts too but I can’t so cookies it is!