I realised lately that there are certain styles that I go back to over and over. They’re not particularly unique or original but they’re the ones I like and that make me feel happy. Here are my top ten – what do you think?

Red nail polish – I  love the look of classic red nail polish on short nails as a little nod to wartime glamour. I like experimenting with lots of different nail colours, but classic red is indisputably the best. Fleur from Diary of a Vintage Girl does 1940s style amazingly if you’re interested!

Winged eyeliner – Notoriously tricky to apply (take a look at this great tutorial here) but when done relatively well, I love how it looks and I wear my eyes like this all. the. time.

Retro hair – I love wearing my hair in buns or ponytails with a little beehive, and below is a picture of my extremely, extremely lazy version of 1940s style hair. I like to think of it as being a bit similar to Victory rolls, but more suited to everyday. To do it, I just pull back the front section of hair on each side exactly as you would if you were putting your hair half-up, and then twist each section of hair around, creating a loop. Fold it over itself in a circle and then pin it so that its secured.

Florals -One of the many things in life that make me super glad to be a girl. I wear this floral skirt from Urban Outfitters so much.

Gingham – To my mind, gingham is cute, retro and girly. Yes, it makes you look slightly like you make your own clothes, but in a good way. An adorable suburban homesteader kind of way.

Bows – I have a lot of bow related things! Bow tops, bow shoes, bow coats, bow headbands, bow rings, bow necklaces, bow……. lots of bows! They are just so cute and girly.

Polka dots – Cute is a word that keeps getting repeated in this post but thats what polka dots are! Cute, retro and fun

Vintage-esque – Alas, I don’t have the know-how or inclination at the moment to thrift many of my clothes (unlike the amazing Elsie!), so like lots of other girls I incororate quirky touches from the high street that echo vintage styles. I especially love styles with a full skirt like the green dress below.

The lumberjack look – Checked shirts are admittedly not a unique love – they are very very popular! I’ve loved them since I was about ten – I recently got a couple of new ones at Primark – I love them because they’re so soft and comfy to wear and they make you look like you can do anything!

Schoolgirl style – I realise how slightly skeevy that sounds, and I also realise that there *may* be an age when I’ll need to abandon this style, but I kinda love the following things – headbands, check skirts, knee high socks, mary-janes, duffle coats and satchels. Perhaps* I will grow out of it when I have a little girl of my own to dress adorably.

So those are some things I love fashion and beauty wise –  what are the styles and looks that are your favourite?

*not a guarantee