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Like the fluffy green gap hoody I’m wearing over my work dress? Stylish huh? I wore it to ward off the cold only to come outside and find it to be quite mild (6 degrees c). Bizarrely, the forecast for the next few days says that the temperature will double by tomorrow to 12 degrees (that’s 54 Fahrenheit for my American readers!)

Do you think about cost per wear when you buy clothes? I have learned this lesson the hard way as I’m always suckered in by amazing, pretty dresses that cost a lot but get worn once a year. When what I need is everyday stuff like hoodies and jeans! Since I bought this hoodie for £16 ($25) in September I’ve worn it constantly – its so warm and fleecy! The cost per wear on this bad boy must now be in the pennies!

Downside of having a fringe – the period of time between it growing too long and you actually getting to the hairdressers. It’s driving me mad!





Sparkly revlon amythest purple glitter polish over Barry m dark purple polish (a bottle so old it has a round cap not a square one!!). I meant to clean up my application this morning but clearly I couldn’t be bothered!

What are you wearing today?