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This is a sponsored post. All the opinions are mine!

I can’t have nutella in my house usually since if I do, all willpower soon flies out of the window, to be replaced with nutella with every meal. The darn stuff is just so addictive. Normally, I would have muesli or porridge for breakfast, but if there’s nutella in the house, breakfast will involve nutella. Every meal becomes a nutella delivery system. If the day ever comes when I can have a jar of nutella in the house without furtively dipping a spoon into it at least once a day, I will know I have finally reached the giddy heights of adulthood.

But lately, the lovely folks at Nutella sent me some jars so that I could whip up some delicious treats with them and share it with you! They are also kindly giving away three large jars of Nutella to three lucky Kerrycooks readers! I know that you’re all responsible adults who can handle having Nutella around!

While I was brainstorming the Nutella trips that I wanted to whip up, I enjoyed some Nutella toast. Okay, a lot of Nutella toast.

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And some Nutella pancakes

And then I made Cinnamon buns with Nutella!

And then I was all out of Nutella.


Learn from my mistakes. Enter the giveaway and make yourself some Nutella cupcakes, Nutella flapjacks or some Nutella banana muffins.

Next, I’m going to make these amazing Nutella stuffed chocolate cookies. Just as soon as I can find a secure place to store my Nutella.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post! You’ll need to be from the UK in order to be entered to win! The closing date is January 20th 2012.