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Pizza is definitely one of my favourite foods. I’m not entirely sure I could live without it. I love making homemade pizza, but its just so convenient to have some frozen pizzas stashed in the freezer for those nights when you just can’t face doing any heavy lifting in the kitchen. Here are a couple that I tried lately that I thought I’d give you a review on – they’re both similar nutrition wise at around 460 calories per half a pizza.

First up – Tesco’s thin and crispy pizzas. Their range includes the usual flavours, like four cheese, ham and pineapple, ham and mushroom, pepperoni, and vegetable. We got three and I tried both the four cheese and the vegetable, the above picture is the four cheese with added vegetables that I put on. They are 3 for £4!

This pizza was INCREDIBLY cheesy – possibly too cheesy for even me (gasp!). I would describe both this one and the vegetable one as average – they weren’t anything special. I would probably find another new pizza to try before I bought them again.

I much preferred this Sainsburys pizza I think – it had a better crust (I love the crust!!) and the goats cheese added a more interesting flavour than the standard pizza fare. Despite this one being ‘sourdough’, I can’t say that I could detect any difference in the flavour of the base than of any other pizza. The Sainsburys pizza was also frozen and they were 2 for £3.50.

Whats your favourite inexpensive frozen pizza? Are there any I should try?