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This week I ventured into Waitrose for the first time in quite a few months to get a pre-cinema snack (we saw The Artist and it was AMAZING). I was excited to see that they’ve now introduced whoopie pies to their range of cakes (their cherry cupcake is amazing). There are two flavours available –

  • Vanilla with chocolate buttercream
  • Red velvet with vanilla buttercream

There is also a cookies n cream (chocolate cake, white frosting) version in the range which they weren’t stocking at the Waitrose in Nottingham, and they’re all £1.09.

I went for the vanilla/chocolate flavour. To be honest neither looked massively appealing appearance wise (kind of flat and shiny) and the fact that the red velvet whoopie pie didn’t have cream cheese frosting put me off as I thought it would probably be too sweet.


Here’s what I thought of my whoopie pie –

The cake -As you can possibly see in the picture, the cake had quite a few air holes through it which was probably as a result of being overmixed in the Waitrose cake making factory. The cake was also a little tough which could have been for the same reason, or could have been just because it had been sitting on the cake counter for a day plus.

The cake didn’t actually taste of vanilla or have any evidence (like flecks of vanilla bean) to tell me that any real vanilla had gone into it.

The buttercream – The chocolate buttercream reminded me almost exactly of the chocolate cake I used to make constantly when I was a teenager, with frosting made from butter and cocoa powder. That was before I grew up and started using real chocolate to get a better depth of chocolate flavour in frosting. This was more overpoweringly sweet that it was chocolatey.

Having said that, I didn’t hate the whoopie pie, but it was a disappointment and I certainly wouldn’t recommend them. I’m still quite tempted to try the red velvet one but I’m sure I would be disappointed there too.

Onto the chocolate covered pretzels! When I saw these in M&S I think I literally jumped up and down with excitement and put 2 bags in my basket. I was tempted to buy many, many more, but after the debacle of the much-anticipated Princess chocolate covered marshmallows I decided to exercise caution until such a time as I’d actually tried the new snack….

So first, here’s the backstory to my love of chocolate covered pretzels…. back in the 90s, Nestle introduced Flipz to the UK

And every child in the kingdom went crazy for them! Or at least I did. And then in a cruel and horrifying move, Nestle withdrew Flipz from the UK, leaving us painfully devoid of chocolate covered pretzels. Fast forward to 2011 and Marks and Spencer fill the gap in the market by releasing their very own chocolate covered pretzels as part of their snack range!


They’re £1.19 a bag for a generous amount. The chocolate seems to be more plain than milk and the pretzel inside tasted slightly stale (not in a bad way if you see what I mean!).

Sadly I didn’t think these pretzels were the holy grail replacement for Flipz! Its not that I didn’t like them at all, but they didn’t blow me away. The chocolate wasn’t very tasty (creamier milk chocolate would have been better) and the pretzels didn’t seem to be salted which was a shame as I think its the salt/sweet contrast that makes chocolate covered pretzels so interesting.

I think that in order to get my dream pretzel I’m going to have to resort to making my own…. M&S’s giant pretzels (which are awesome) half dipped in melted Cadburys dairy milk and then left to dry……. amazing!

Pretzels have been on my mind lately…… I’ve been thinking about pretzel cupcakes, pretzel cookie bars and pretzel brownies!

What do you think of pretzels and whoopie pies? Let me know if you’ve tried any great ones (or made any great ones!)