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Let this post serve as a warning to others – don’t make my cake mistakes!

I love battenburg cake. I’m pretty sure I could easily eat a whole Mr Kipling one without too much difficulty. I LOVE almonds and there’s something deliciously addictive about marzipan. Plus the cake in battenburg is just AMAZING. HOW do they get it so delightfully fluffy? Its so fluffy!!

*Switching to correct spelling of battenberg having seen packaging!*

Sadly my battenberg cake didn’t turn out as delightful as the ones you get in the shops…. It was probably the most ginormous battenberg cake there ever has been, and possibly, ever will be. It had the weight and heft of a house brick and I’m confident that, were it to be dropped from a height, it would do your foot some damage. Despite being monstorously supersized, it still tasted fairly ace, there were just a few construction issues that resulted from me not reading the recipe correctly/being absent minded. If I made it again I’m sure it would go much better……. but I think for now I may stick with the Mr Kipling version!

This is the recipe I used – I doubled it as I wanted to make a big cake to feed quite a few people, but I did end up with way too much cake.

I used tin foil to separate the pink and yellow batter which worked pretty well. You could also use a pan with built in dividers.

I cut two yellow and two pink pieces – in hindsight, I should have levelled them off to make themm more square!

I then rolled out my marzipan, but one packet (250g) wasn’t sufficient to cover my monster battenberg so I had to use TWO packs….

Then I kinda forgot to apply the apricot jam at first and had to unpeel my marzipan and try it again….

I now realise that the marzipan didn’t stick particularly well to their cake because I didn’t cut off the outside layer of the cake….

Here’s my finished battenberg….. the yellow and pink is pretty mismatched and you can see the two lots of marzipan…. but overall not too bad considering my catalogue of mistakes!

So here’s my extensive catalogue of what do do, and what not to do when making a battenberg cake for the first time….

  • Trim cake from each side of your cake squares to make the surface more stickable
  • Measure your cake squares and work out how large your marzipan needs to be before rolling it out
  • Brush the marzipan and the cake with warm apricot jam before sealing the marzipan where it meets with more jam
  • Trim the edges of the cake for a neat finish – yum edge cake!!

And the big one……. that applies to all cooking ever really….

  • READ the recipe first, at least twice so that you don’t miss any steps!!

Good luck!