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So I know that I like love Nutella, like A LOT… so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that everyone else in the world also adores it! Since I wrote my first post about the baking I’d done with Nutella, its been the most popular page on my blog! EVERYONE loves Nutella.

Since you all are probably on the edge of your seats with the suspense, I’ll go ahead and tell you the three lucky winners of the Nutella giveaway! They are –

  • Comment no. 5   aka Agagirls
  • Comment no.10  aka Strawberry Ginger
  • Comment no.15  aka H

Please email, tweet or semaphore me your addresses post haste so your Nutella can start winging its way to you – so exciting!! Thanks to everyone who entered!

I also have some nutella espresso brownies to share with you! I made these back in 2011 and totally forgot about that!

The recipe is an adapted version of Nigella’s chocolate brownies, that I love to make, with added nutella and espresso flavour and a crunchy espresso crust.

The changes I made to the original recipe were to use (instead of 300g dark chocolate), 200g dark chocolate plus 100g nutella plus around 150ml of strong espresso. I also added some chopped hazlenuts (about 150g) to complement the coffee flavour.

The crunchy coffee top of the brownies is made of 2 tbsp espresso powder and 2 tbsp sugar.

Super fudgy, moist and addictive. After dinner dessert and coffee in one!

If you don’t like coffee, don’t worry – imagine all the brownie variations you could try – chocolate mint brownies, chocolate orange brownies, peanut butter brownies, cream cheese brownies (those are on my to-bake list!). What are your favourite?

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