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Happy Friday! I recently tried two of the new range of soups by ‘New York Soup Co’ and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Corn Chowder is possibly one of America’s greatest culinary contributions to the world. Along with cinnamon rolls and american pancakes of course.

While I’ve never (yet) been to New England to try out the genuine article, I can confidently say that this thick soup made of sweetcorn, potato, onion, and cream (it also sometimes has clams in it) is absolutely delicious. At least the store bought version is, so the homemade version must be AWESOME! I think I’m going to make some soon.

As you may have guessed, I really liked this soup! Not only is it delicious, thick and warming, perfect for winter, but surprisingly (considering it has cream in it) – its not particularly calorific. Half a tub (a generous serving for one) contains just 180 calories and 6g of fat – amazing!

I also tried their spicy pumpkin soup which sounded perfect for me. I hated it! Its far more pumpkin-y sweet than it is spicy and I found it just too dessert like to even eat and ended up throwing it away. This would be ideal for a pumpkin pie, brownie or cheesecake, but to me, its just not savoury food. Bleurgh.

The spicy pumpkin soup is just 120 calories per half a tub but I would not recommend it! You can see the other soups in their range here. I’d like to try the sweet potato and black eyed bean version.

If you find a soup that you like, check out Mysupermarket and stock up when they’re on offer (I bought mine at a £1 each). Its currently only sold at Tesco where its on a 2 for £3 deal. Don’t forget you can freeze fresh soup to take advantage of an offer as long as you defrost and eat it within around 3 months.

What’s your favourite kind of soup?

x Kerry