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If I were a cheesy motherfugga along the lines of the 90s pop star creeps you used to see on ‘Cribs’ (remember that show!!), I would say that this is where the [baking] magic happens.

Our kitchen is pretty compact and equipped with delightfully old-fashioned vintage style cupboards. We have one double cupboard to hold pretty much all our food which is a bit of a pain, so we also keep lots more extra supplies in our outside storage (a bit like a small garage) – including cat food, drinks and canned food.

I like collecting pretty containers and enamelwear. The polka dot tin is from Waitrose, the enamel fruit bowl is from TK Maxx (the best place for amazing kitchen BARGAINS) and the cake stand was from Laura Ashley. When its not being used for cake, I use it for holding spices and fruit and veg! It seems a shame to hide something so pretty away.

Lots and lots of baking supplies – I love the way food looks in these jars, and it is a great way of having frequently used supplies to hand. I keep in mine (from left to right), nuts, polenta, cous cous, sugar, muesli, oats, tea bags.

Over on the other side, I keep plain flour, more sugar, risotto rice, toasted flaked almonds x 2 and sunflower seeds!

So thats my real life kitchen! I guess my dream kitchen would look something like this one….

which I saw when the lovely Ruth of The Pink Whisk and the Great British Bake-Off gave us a peek into her kitchen on her blog! I honestly believed this was her kitchen for a few moments…

What would your dream kitchen look like?