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There’s no doubt that the very best gifts are homemade, or at the very least heartfelt. It could be one or the other, if its both, you’re probably the best boyfriend/girlfriend either. And a bunch of flowers wouldn’t go amiss either.

The cookie heart I made for Lee for valentine's day a few years ago - twas yummy!

There’s surely no greater sign of love than taking the trouble to make your BFs or GFs favourite thing in the world from scratch. Whether its their favourite homecooked beef stew, a rustic pizza or their best loved cake or cookie, your hard work is sure to be appreciated. Here are some ideas for lovely gifts!

Shortbread cookies with royal icing

How cute are these heart shaped cookies? Ice them in your other halfs favourite colours for a delicious Valentine’s gift.

Marbled red velvet cheesecake brownies

These are so cute! Just bake your brownies in a square pan and then use a heart cookie cutter to cut out the shapes. Yum, delicious offcuts for you!

Picture : The novice chef blog

Chocolate chip salted caramel bars

Oh myyyyyy. These look amazing. If your other half is a fan of chocolate chip cookies they willl LOVE these.

Picture : Two peas and their pod

Giant cookie heart

If you’re interested in making a giant cookie heart similar to the one shown at the top of the post, here’s how I made it! It was inspired by the giant hearts you can buy from Millie’s Cookies for Valentine’s, but this version is a lot cheaper – the Millie’s version starts at £14 whereas mine cost me no more than £4-5.

In the interests of convenience, I used a supermarket (can’t remember if it was Tesco or Asda) chocolate chip cookie box mix which actually tasted great. Lots of blogging bakers use box mixes on a regular basis and lots of them actually taste great. I also bought a ready made red frosting in a tube and extra chocolate and smarties to go in the cookie. I just mixed up the dough according to the instructions and then put it all onto a large baking tray and moulded it into a rough heart shape. Bake according to the instructions on the box and then cool and ice with your message! Needless to say, you should only consider making any of these treats for a valentine who’s prepared to share!

What are you hoping for on Valentine’s Day?