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I love the look of a lot of the stuff that Cath Kidston sell. Its cute, fun, quirky and adorable. I’m all about cute, fun, quirky and adorable and I’m pretty cool with that. I’ll never be described as minimilst or sophisticated and that’s just fine with me!

Though I love the Cath Kidston products, my purse feels differently. It’s so hard when we diverge on things. So for everyone else who’s a sucker for the floral empire, here are some places where you can get the look, for less!


I LOVE this Cath Kidston Cutlery set. But its £60 (I’ve also heard pretty bad things about it quality – wise!) and I very much need to not become bankrupt. This Next one is a pretty great alternative though for less than a quarter of the price!

Next also have a ‘modern vintage’ range which sells other cute Cath-like products. They’re actually still on the expensive side if you ask me, but its worth popping into the Next homewares department, especially when they have a sale on.

TK Maxx/Homesense – TKMaxx is awesome for unique vintagey style home stuff. I’ve got so much stuff from there in the last few years, including great kitchenware and gifts, this cute lampshade (which was just £5 and is a dead ringer for massively more expensive ones sold at Laura Ashley)

I also got this cute print in a cream distressed (scratched!) frame for just £10 in the clearance section. TKMaxx evidently felt that the scratches meant it should be reduced, to me they looked intentional! Win win!

As well as this lovely noticeboard inside a lovely ornate white frame (this was £20)

It’s especially worth checking out their clearance area for bargains, and keeping your eye on the bedding section too which also has great bargains! I’ve even bought saucepans from there (and yes they were a massive bargain!). In short, TK Maxx rules.

Matalan – I looooove Matalan. My lounge mirror, which is literally identical to versions I’ve seen for sale for hundreds of pounds in John Lewis or Laura Ashley, is from there, and it was just £25!! I also got a red polka dot laundry hamper from there, and its also fab for really cheap but pretty photo frames – the kind that you see elsewhere for a LOT more money. Here are some of their products that I really like – what do you think?

My laundry hamper!

My door mat!

I love this vintage style teapot – its only £8!

How awesome is this massive collage photo frame? This would make a super personalised gift if you filled it with pictures and memories for someone of a special day or holiday…

Ikea Again its much easier to get an idea of products in person than on their website, but you can get tons of shabby chic style bargains at Ikea. Their textiles and kitchenware are especially worth a look, as you can get stuff like cute Cath-style duvets and the Ikea version of kilner jars for a fraction of the price. Some of their furniture is very expensive for what it is but try their bargain (dented furniture) corner or their sale for some cheaper stuff.

One of my Ikea duvets

B&M Bargains – Its best to have a wander round one of their stores as their online site doesn’t give you a great idea of what they have in store. I got this full length white vintage style mirror from there for just £15! Well worth checking out their homeware stuff.

eBay – You can get a lot of Cath Kidston – alike products on eBay – I got this ironing board cover from there for less than £3 – better than paying £18 for one!

I also got this cute vintage style patchwork quilt from eBay – it was so long ago I can’t remember how much it was but it couldn’t have been a lot or I wouldn’t have it! If you love the look of patchwork quilts and blankets but don’t have the sewing skills to make your own (like me!) check out eBay! (The cushion I did actually customise myself!)

Charity shops

I wouldn’t say I’m the expert on this, but if you’re a leetle bit handy (able to apply a coat of paint with some competence), you can rescue and repurpose discarded furniture to fit your style and needs.

Check out this blog for some inspiration on upcycling vintage furniture and for more cute home decor project ideas check out A Beautiful Mess – sooo inspiring!

Wilko’s – Especially in their larger stores, you can find some great photo frames, kitchenware and light fittings that look way more expensive than they are. Here’s Milo modelling a polka dot cat bed from there (Cath Kidston do an uglier pet bed of around the same size for £38 – this one was £16).

Oh and I should say after slating them slightly, that there are a couple of products that I do buy from Cath Kidston and would recommend value for money wise – first their massive mugs which hold a pint of tea – heartbreakingly they seem to have stopped producing the polka dot versions which I love, but they still have plenty of other designs.

And second, their large shopper bags. I got mine at one of the stores in London and paid £25 for it. Its sturdy, easy to clean, and the wide handles make such a difference when it comes to carrying a heavy load. I would definitely buy another!

Phew! Long post – what do you guys think? What are your tips for getting the look you want for your home without spending a fortune?