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This week I have been too busy to have time to perform my usual time-saving roasting lots of vegetables in a big batch and then using them for my weekly lunches and dinners trick. So I’ve been relying on Boots meal deals to get me through lunchtimes.* Since I resent spending money on lunches when I’m perfectly capable of making my own, I’ve been paying for them with my points so I can convince myself that I’m not actually wasting money as a result of my laziness.

I tend to steer clear of most of the sandwiches (I’m not really a hardcore sandwich lover) and while the salads can be nice I can’t physically bring myself to eat one during the winter months. So the last few days I’ve been going for a Spinach, red pepper and feta quiche!

The quiche is part of the range of food products by the cutely named Higgidy pie company (see all their products here). Based in West Sussex, the company started in a kitchen and grew bigger and bigger since people loved their pies! A quick look at the ingredients list of the quiche reassures you that this is real food – it contains exactly what it would if you made it yourself in your own kitchen. Happily, all of the products Higgidy produce are handmade – you can read more about their ethos here. It makes me happy when I find companies who make products I like, in a way that I’m happy with.

The packaging of the quiches is also super cute (if that sorta thing makes you happy!), with poems and other cute stuff, including a message on the bottom which says ‘Help, I’m a Higgidy quiche and I’ve fallen and can’t get up!’.

But what about the most important thing – the taste? I am NOT normally a quiche fan at all. In fact I don’t like anything that tastes eggy, such as omelette’s in general. But I like this Higgidy quiche since its packed full of red peppers, feta and spinach and isn’t too ‘eggy’. I think what also puts me off in general about quiche is flavourless soggy pastry but this has tasty poppy seed pastry. Overall its a very yummy lunch option! Its about 400 calories for this quiche which isn’t bad – and they are very filling.

As well as the individual quiches, I’ve also tried Higgidy’s spinach, goats cheese and pesto slice which is also very delicious and is the closest thing you can get to pizza in a meal deal. Fact.

*I work for Boots at their head office in Beeston.