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Bias alert – I’ve always really enjoyed most of New Covent Garden’s soups (I also have their soup cookbook! – its very good!). I especially like their vegetable soups and their broccoli and stilton one  reminds me of Christmas.  I went a bit too crazy for their plum tomato and basil soup last summer, and now I’m not sure I can ever eat another bowlful, although I’ll certainly try!

But now I have a new favourite – MUSHROOM!

Source - New Covent Garden soups

Due to my striving to eat thriftily, I had recently bought some Sainsburys mushroom soup (not ‘finest’ but not value if you see what I mean) which was absolutely disgusting. So as soon as they were next on an offer (I tend to buy them if they’re either on a £1 or £1.50 offer but not above that) I bought this mushroom soup to try.

Thankfully it was absolutely delicious! I cooked some fresh mushrooms to go on top as a garnish but even without them I would definitely buy this soup again. Its very flavoursome and really tastes of mushrooms! Perfect if you’re a fan of the fungi!  I love the fact that New Covent Garden soups contain only what they would if you cooked them from scratch at home – you’re just letting someone else do the hard work!

Do you have a fab soup recipe? New Covent Garden run a monthly competition to get a recipe chosen for their ‘flavour of the month’ soup. Check out more info and submit your soup recipe for August here

Do you prefer homemade soup or do you go for the convenience of ready made? If you buy, whats your favourite brand? Let me know!

x Kerry