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I have become addicted…. to fishcakes. I’ve written a lot about healthy, easy and quick dinners on my blog in the past, from bean burgers to thai curry to quesadillas. Lately I’ve been trying to eat less carbs and make sure I get protein in, since I don’t eat meat, and fishcakes fit the bill! They’re

  • healthy – low in fat and full of protein plus those omega 3s
  • but not too healthy – breadcrumbs yea!

But I have a confession to make, I haven’t – yet – ever tried making my own fishcakes (I will be and have my eye on this recipe). The ones I normally eat are the Tesco ones that you can get in the fish fridge aisle. I’ve tried the cheaper freezer aisle/value ones but they’re more potato cakes than fishcakes! I’ve haven’t tried the fancy schmancy £5 a packet ones cause I’m not a gazillionaire.

These ones may not be homemade, but they’re tasty, convenient and cost just 75p per fishcake!

Fishcake + vegetables. Thats my solution for weekday nights when I have zero time to make dinner. What’s your best shortcut?

x Kerry