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I’m doing something new today! How exciting – are you excited?


Inspired by two of my favourite blogs, A Beautiful Mess and Rockstar Diaries, I’m going to start bringing you a new Kerry cooks feature of a Wednesday…. called ‘Loving right now’, featuring all of the things that I’m currently completely obsessed with.

Ready? Let’s go!

  1. Pinterest

Just so addictive and I LOVE using it to help me catalogue recipes from around the interwebs that I’m dying to make. I also want to climb inside my dream home board and live there. I figure that if when I win the lottery, this board will save me a lot of time cause I can just hire a house builder/interior designer and point them towards the board. Here are a couple of pictures that just make me swoon.



2. Baking for Spring/Summer

As I mentioned in my key lime pie post, I’m mad for anything fresh and zingy right now. And these blueberry and lemon cupcakes withlemon cream cheese frosting just jumped to the top of my to-bake queue as a result! They’re by the fantastical Annie of Annie’s Eats (she’s a doctor you know!).

3. Mashed avocado on toast

I LOVE avocado. You know how ridiculously healthy (and good for your skin!) it is right? Plus you can make guacamole with it, which is pretty much the most delicious thing in the whole world. Since I associate them with warmer months, I haven’t had any in the last few months, but now that the weather is warming up I’m chomping on them again… and avocado on toast with a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper is the BEST SNACK in the world.


4. Satchels and Trench coats

It feels that my quest to find the perfect satchel and the perfect trench coat may be never-ending. They come close…. but its never quite perfect. The satchel must be – cute, leather, roomy, and not extortionately priced (£100+). The trench must be pale khaki (NOT camel) and double breasted, the perfect length (above the knee) with a flouncy skirt. Not too much to ask is it?

This one comes close-ish


I’m making attempting to make this rainbow cake on Sunday! But there’s no way on earth I’m making swiss meringue frosting with like 15 egg whites (what would I do with all those yolks!!) so I need to find another white frosting to use……  Wish me luck!!

x Kerry