A new kind of chocolate to try! Are you excited?

I found the new Cadbury bubbly bars in Home & Bargains near my house. The RRP is £1.42 (for a 90g bar. How times have changed since I were a lass 😦 ) but H&B sell them for a pound.

I got the milk and the white chocolate bars which are the only varieties currently available. I’m sure they’ll be a mint one along any day now… (poor aero). Here they are side by side looking…. interesting! I didn’t realise that the new bars were so moulded (which must be technically not easy to do so points to Cadburys for that I guess).

Another view of the moulding – interesting! I tried both the bars and expected to prefer the milk chocolate to the white bar, but weirdly it was the other way round! The milk chocolate bar is a lot less substantial than the white because the white bar is completely encased in milk chocolate, giving a sturdy (and quite thick) frame, whereas on the bottom of the milk bar its just the bubbly, softer chocolate.

Oddly, both bars make a little crackling noise when dipped in tea a bit like rice crispies!

These bubbly bars are an interesting novelty, but probably not something I would buy regularly. I generally prefer regular old fashioned normal dairy milk or whole nut. However they are really tasty and not as insubstantial as I feared so I’d certainly recommend trying them, they’d make a fun party treat or something to share with a few friends.

Bubbly has been around down under for a few years, with mint, milk and white varieties – so I’m sure its only a matter of time until we get the regular sized bar and the mint variety too…

I wonder if nestle are shaking in their boots… and I wonder why its taken Cadbury this long to make bubbly chocolate?

Are you interested in trying the new bubbly bars? Let me know too if you’ve seen anything else new that I should review!

x Kerry