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1. Venturing into my garden

The weather has been amazingly nice the last week or so – really sunny and lovely and warm! Its making me want to plant lots of lovely spring flowers to enjoy in the garden (I already got a hanging basket with pansys in – cute!). One of the best things about this weather is being able to use our very long washing line in our back garden to hang our laundry up on. I don’t mind doing laundry and there’s something relaxing and meditative about hanging it up in the sunshine. And you can’t beat the smell of the clothes afterwards… smells like summer!

2. Discovering new music

The Shins new album, Port of Morrow came out in the last couple of weeks – I absolutely LOVE Simple Song and It’s only life, in fact Lee and I agree that every song on the album is awesome, bar the title track. And who knows maybe even that will grow on me. I also discovered the brand new (to me!) music of Brooke Fraser after Naomi at Rockstar Diaries mentioned her wonderful song ‘Something in the Water‘. I LOVE Flags (her most recent album) so much. Her music is dreamy, happy in a sun drenched summer kinda way and toe-tappingly addictive. Check her out!

3. Lightening up

Its that time of year when salads actually start to taste GOOD again – after a winter of not even being able to look at one – hurrah! I’ll be doing a post soon on lightening up your meal choices for spring/summer – the great side effect of which is that you’ll probably be eating healthier and packing in lots more variety and fruit and veg!

4. The return of Mad Men

After a year and a half of waiting, season 5 finally hit (American) screens last week. I can’t wait to see where my favourite characters are after the season 4 finale, especially Joan and her baby and Don and his terrible life choices!

5. Cherry blossom trees

The time of year when the cherry blossom begins to bloom is just magical. They put a spring in my step (literally) and remind me that summer, with all its good things, is right around the corner. And even if the weather is still a bit chilly in March or April (which it hasn’t been the last couple of weeks, but it is scheduled to go downhill in April) – you have a gorgeous reminder that better things are on their way.

Fun fact – cherry blossom trees are always pink, from softest baby pink to brightest purplely pink. White blossom trees are usually apple blossom.

What are you loving right now? Is there any other music that I should check out? Let me know!

x Kerry