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Oooh I have some new favourite beauty products to tell you about!

Lately I’ve been trying out lots of new products!

17 Peep Show Mascara – This mascara promises voluptuous volume – a full, flirty flutter with no clumps. I was a bit like, “yeah, whatevs” at first because its well known (by me) that EVERY mascara is clumpy at first, even the ones that go onto be amazing (except YSLs Luxurious Mascara).

Amazingly, this one isn’t clumpy even on your first use and with no wand wiping! Added to that, its the best mascara I’ve tried in a long long time. It thickens and lengthens lashes very well and stays put all day with no flaking.

I typically apply 3-4 little coats each on the top and bottom lashes (if that makes sense!) but you can add more mascara for a more vamped up look and still not get any clumping – check out the pictures below!

Please excuse the picture – hopefully you can see what I mean… this is definitely my new favourite mascara!

I got given this mascara (I work at Boots head office) – it retails for £6.29 online or instore

Barry M Wink Eyeliner – Barry M are marketing this as a ‘marker pen’ eyeliner, which is a cute idea and one that I’m definitely attracted to the apparent simplicity and ease of.

I love the cute bright pink packaging and price (£5.49) but I’ve found the actual product a little harder to get along with. I’ve found it difficult to do a very good eyeliner line with this pen. I’ve found it works well when I hold the pen vertically against my eye for a thin line along the lashes, but when I try to do a thick winged line its a lot more challenging. Thats not to say it isn’t possible – blogger LionLovingTiger is clearly an expert at it! – but its apparent from the mixed reviews that this isn’t the easy eyeliner wonderproduct I was hoping for. For beginners non-eyeliner pros, gel eyeliner applied with a brush is still definitely the easiest route to winged eyeliner perfection.

I also noticed that my eyeliner pen started to fade after just a few weeks, so although this product is cheap it actually doesn’t look like it will last long…unlike the similar Collection 2000 Extreme liner which is just £3 and lasts for months and months.

Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer  – I have a soft spot for Bourjois (and they’re really Chanel, don’t ya know!) as it was my makeup drug of choice in my teenage years (along with 17 and Natural Collection of course!). I bought this concealer after running out of Benefit Boi-ing which I sure wasn’t paying £15 to replace. I wanted something light and in a suitable skin tone (actually much harder to find than you’d think for pale ladies!) that also had good coverage.

I wandered into Boots, tried a couple of different concealers and liked this one immediately. It feels very creamy and moisturising on the skin and is probably the lightest one I tried – no orange residue here! The coverage is medium, so more for hiding a few dark circles than for really heavy duty skin issues, but for general use it works really well.

Healthy Mix concealer is £7.49 so about half the price as my previous Benefit ones – plus I paid for it and the Barry M product with Advantage Card points, so I didn’t think of it as spending money!

Healthy Mix foundation is also supposed to be awesome – I’m happy with Max Factor Experience for now (and have a couple of bottles to get through!) but I’ll definitely check it out after that.

Have you tried any new beauty products lately, or seen any you’d like to try? Let me know!

x Kerry