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This week I’m reviewing some Pure tea flavours which they kindly sent me to review. I’ve always been very low maintenance where tea is concerned, going for whatever English breakfast tea was on offer. Lately I’ve started liking some different flavoured teas too such as vanilla rooibos tea so I was interested to see what these herbal teas would taste like.

First, a bit about Pure Fresh Tea – they make organic, ‘premium’ tea which is packaged in very modern, stylish (recyclable) packaging. Their tea is apparently fresher than what you’d normally get in the supermarket, plus its made using only the best parts of the plant (as opposed to cheaper tea which can contain stalks and a lot of dust).

I tried some tea from their white range – shown here

I tried

  • natural mint – this tea has a very strong mint smell which reminded me of toothpaste…. (I’m not a big fan of mint tea!). The actual taste was fairly subtle – it tastes exactly like how I imagine mint leaves steeped in tea would taste –  not at all like a lot of the other mint teas you can get that are sweetened or use artificial flavours.
  • black lavender – i think this was my favourite tea – it tasted almost like ‘normal’ tea that I’m so fond of, but with a very understated lavender flavour. I liked it black and also added some milk and it tasted really good!
  • golden camomile – this had a really delicate taste without a dry (if that makes sense!) aftertaste that I’ve found with other camomile teas. Chamomile is supposed to have a calming, relaxing effect – I’m not sure it had this effect on me but drinking the yellow sunshiney liquid certainly put me in a happy mood!

You can order Pure fresh tea at their website here. They also do a black range of teas to be drunk with milk AND amazing looking macaroons, chocolate truffles and other gifts which are actually extremely good value, in my opinion anyway (£7 for 7 homebaked macaroons).

Do you like herbal teas? I never have in the past but I think I might be getting into them more as I get older… especially if they taste like marshmallows