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Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re having a lovely day today whatever you’re doing.

Here’s a few snaps of what I’m wearing today…




I also took some pictures of my walk to work – I’m really lucky that I only live twenty minutes walk from my job –





Look who else I saw on my walk – BUNNIES!! Can you see them? There are about four in the above picture, chilling on the grass.


This is an abandoned building on the site where I work! It was built in the 20s by architect Owen Williams and was used as the main office and canteen building for many years, until about 2005 when it was closed and all staff moved to the new head office building which I work in. You can see some more pictures of the Boots site here – the gardens outside D31 are beautiful, although mainly enjoyed by the rabbits apart from during the summer months!

More random news – this week I won a pair of shoes from Clarks! I could pick any pair I wanted, so much umming and ahhing commenced. I was very tempted by these little beauties, but I have around 10 pairs of lovely heels already so I went for some practical but also lovely suede flats – what do you think?!

X Kerry