Happy Tuesday! And happy May! We’ve just had the wettest April since records began in the UK and so far May isn’t shaking out much better, with cloud and rain on the horizon and no sunshine in sight.

It’s my friends birthday party this Sunday and me and Lee are also planning a trip to Matlock bath the weekend after (for our 6 year anniversary!) but the long range forecast is still for unsettled, windy and rainy weather 😦

(can you tell I’m British – we looove talking about the weather!)


Anywho… Today I’m wearing the green top and black dress I keep wearing a lot lately (think I need to tackle that ironing pile ASAP!)


I put my hair in a cute ponytail – no point trying any more elaborate styles as its very windy outside!



Riding boots for walking to work in the rain…


And my new Clarks shoes (suede so only to be worn out of the rain!)


I felt like doing something different this week so I painted my nails black and then did a purple glitter topcoat!


Do you like it?

Hope you’re having a lovely week

X Kerry