1. Crafty inspriation

I’m so inspired by lovely crafters across the blogosphere and Pinterest but I just can’t decide what to attempt first – making my own sprinkles? making my own custom blend of tea? a patchwork pattern? Help – what’s a good place for a beginner with a short attention span and no sewing machine to start?

2. Rosemary bread

I’ve been making so many variations of rosemary bread lately – (fyi the original and the best is here!). I also have rosemary pretzels and rosemary olive parmesan rolls on my to bake list – both look/are seriously awesome!

3. Oasis

I’ve loved them FOREVER but they are so on fire right now. So many beautiful dresses, so little time. I only wish the weather would warm up so I’d have a chance to wear them!

Did you notice that my dress choices lean towards the cool end of the colour spectrum? Which way do you lean – cool or warm? One glance at your wardrobe should tell you!

4. Spring organisation

I’ve been re-organising the shelves in our dining room to make the area look tidier and work better – I love it! The whole area is a lot less cluttered and less likely to become a dumping ground for random stuff. Now there’s a key bowl and even a letter organisation system! I’ll show you some pictures later this week.

5. Books books books!

I’m ploughing through book after book on local history, with around a novel a week thrown in too! At the moment I’m reading The Marriage Plot and Her Fearful Symmetry – The Marriage Plot is supposed to be FANTASTIC but I found that the opening and style of writing of Her Fearful Symmetry grabbed me a lot more.

I got The Marriage Plot from the library – they have a handy online tool where you can request books you want and then they get sent to your local library when they’re available! Currently on my wait list, I have –

Can any mother help me (a recommendation from the lovely Lucy)


Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I found Her Fearful Symmetry on a bargain book table outside the Oxfam in Beeston – I must admit I suspected that it was probably rubbish but so far I am pleasantly surprised!

What are you reading at the moment & do you buy new books, get them from charity shops, or use your local library? Let me know if you’ve read any good books lately that I should add to my list!

x Kerry