Why are most women’s magazines completely unable to produce original content? The one that irritates me is the article about ‘toning up for summer’ which doesn’t MENTION exercise, only tries to sell you cellulite creams (fyi – they don’t work)

The Guardian does an article on some of the hilarious spoof reviews out there on Amazon. Clickity click

The programme for the University of Nottingham’s May Fest event is here! I can’t wait to see the eco homes and the historic buildings, and sociological snakes and ladders sounds great too!

Redditors turn the spotlight onto Wikipedia’s most horrifying and weird articles

Swimming against the current – Same sex unions are banned in North Carolina. And it always looked so nice on Dawson’s Creek :/

Yum – homemade tortillas! I will have to make these soon and then I can recycle them into my homemade tortilla chips!

The 10 ‘best’ dresses at the Met Gala 2012 – which do you think is the most hilarious?

Our cousins across the Atlantic (thats you, Merica!) are apparently baffled by all this ‘austerity’ we’re having

Ever noticed that quotes on movie and game posters often seem to be taken out of context?

This blueberry bundt cake is a perfectly summery recipe

Best Dad ever!

WOW – take a look at this chocolate chip cookie dough layer cake!