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Happy Friday!!! What are you up to this weekend? We’re (hopefully, if the weather plays ball!) going on a trip to Matlock Bath to celebrate our anniversary.

Today I wanted to share with you some home organisation tips! I’m not the most organised person in the world and tend to learn through trial and error! Recently I’ve been rearranging furniture in our dining room (near the kitchen door that we more frequently use than the back door, so kind of like an entrance area) to eliminate clutter and areas for junk to accumulate.

Foolishly I didn’t take a picture of the before, but basically we had two sets of shelves, one wide one with dvds, books and shoes (it didn’t look good!) and one slender taller set that held keys, post, sunglasses, etc. These are the taller shelves, now repositioned and tidied up!

After deciding to move the wider shelves out of the dining room, we wondered where to put them or even whether we should get rid of them, but then we came up with the solution – our ‘outside store’! The outside store is the small storage area on the back of our house where our lawnmower and recycling lives. If anyone can think of a catchier name please let me know! We don’t have a car so we shop in bulk a lot and had quite a few boxes in there with tins of human and cat food.

So here are the shelves – repurposed! No, we are not survivalists! You might notice the SIX packs of butter in there – I’m fully stocked up for future baking!

Moving the bigger shelves to the outside store area solved the problem of junk accumulating there, but another big issue was POST. We get a fair bit and it ends up spread across the dining room table by the end of the week, making it hard to find anything.

Enter The Handpicked Collection, which is a lovely little website that I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks ago. I got to chatting to one of their employees a few weeks ago at an affiliate marketing event and they were kind enough to send me this lovely letter holder!

Once that arrived it gave me the impetus to rearrange the shelves and tidy them up – now we just have the important things there including keys and post, all sorted out. The front part holds things that we need to do stuff with, like bills to be paid and invitations, and the back section holds things to be filed, like payslips and bills that have been paid.

If you’re a lover of vintage and stylish gifts like me you’ll like some of the other products they off – here are some of my faves! I love the picnic drinks hamper and art deco photo frame especially and the products are actually great value, in my opinion.

What simple home organisation tips work for you? What products do you buy in bulk? Let me know in the comments!

x Kerry