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This is real people. Cookie dough addiction is no laughing matter! In the last few weeks, I’ve made cookie dough brownies, some other cookie dough brownies and HUGE giant cookies and I’m beginning to fear that I can’t live without my weekly dose of cookie dough.


Since those of us who have a weakness for the stuff can’t really be eating big batches of it all the time, I devised this recipe which gives you a small portion of cookie dough – perfect for those days when you NEED cookie dough. You can also use it to make one big cookie, for those times when you have to have freshly baked cookie but don’t want a whole batch of them.

First, mix together one tablespoon each of soft unsalted butter and either white or light brown sugar. Then, add a tablespoon of milk (any kind) in lieu of an egg, and a little dash of vanilla extract or paste too if you’re feelin’ fancy! Next, add around a tablespoon of chocolate chips or chunks (or oatmeal and raisins, if you want a different kind of cookie) and then add your flour. I used plain flour and you’ll need between 2 and 3 tablespoons – add it gradually and stop when you get to a cookie dough consistency you’re happy with.

Thats it…… cookie dough in seconds! Now the decision is yours, eat the cookie dough or wait for the cookie….

I’ll leave you to guess which option I chose….

x Kerry