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Confirmation of what we already knew – time is warped by the physical and mental conditions in which you experience it

These strawberry cheesecake cupcakes are so summery! Perfect for my birthday tea party!

Is this the end for Yahoo?

These are apparently the best places to live in the whole wide world, starting with Portlandia!

Apparently there’s a boom in restaurants who serve just one meal. Interesting concept – although they’d better be excellent at the one meal!

Check out these colossal Reese’s pieces chocolate chip cookies – yum!

UK families waste around £5.20 a week on thrown away food and drink. I am ashamed to say I find myself doing this sometimes

Another strawberry recipe – Strawberry Cookies n Cream Oreo cake!

Homeworker? Read these hilarious efficiency tips! FYI – “Sending a tweet that says: “Best Cash in the Attic EVER!!” will only alert office-based colleagues to the fact that you are at a loose end at 11.47am.”

Cupcakes with crisps on top…. how do you feel?