I’m dedicating this post to our long-awaited ‘Summer’ which appears to have finally materialised across the UK! And yes, the appearance of Mr Blue Sky is bringing about unheralded levels of joy and happiness amongst us normally stiff upper lipped Brits.

Since the sun has finally decided to come out, I thought I’d share some of my most FAVOURITE things about summer!

1. Ice lollies! Popsicles to our American cousins. There’s nothing so refreshing on a hot day! I am currently working my way through a box of Tesco value ones (or Tesco Everyday Value as they’ll probably be soon) and they’re delish!

2. Wiggling my toes in the grass – I am a natural born wuss when it comes to the cold, so just experiencing the feeling of being outside without wanting to go inside is amazing for me. There’s nothing better than sitting in the grass on a sunny day (wearing SPF of course!).

3. Fresh fruit – fruit is just awesome in the summer – you haven’t lived until you’ve had ripe juicy strawberries you’ve picked yourself from a field! But its more than just that, its the fact that with the warmer weather, I actually crave fresh fruit and salads. Isn’t it just so much easier when your environment gives your healthy eating plans a helping hand?

4. Barbeques / Picnics – Eating al fresco has its share of issues, but its worth it every time. My ideal barbeque would involve a veggie burger, grilled corn on the cob and maybe some grilled vegetables.

5. Long walks in the countryside – We’re lucky enough to live close to Attenborough Nature reserve which is lovely on a sunny day. Beeston even (kinda) has its own beach in the form of Beeston weir!

6. Summer flowers – Everything’s in bloom and looks so beautiful

7. Holiday reading! Even though I’m not going anywhere on holiday until September, I still see summer as the time to relax with a good book – whether thats in my garden or on a tropical beach somewhere. On my to-read list are lots of dystopian fiction novels with a good dash of local history thrown in as ever!

Your turn! What books will you be devouring this summer? Where do you love to go for long walks? What’s your favourite summer fruit? Strawberries and watermelon would have to be my ultimate favourites.

x Kerry