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Britain’s favourite biscuits

Great post on the etsy blog about confronting wedding traditions

Why is our food making us fat? Interesting article and show on how our food became stuffed with sugar and the consequences for our health

Recipes from the first lady… buttermilk blueberry bundt cake sounds amazing!

Are religious beliefs a relationship dealbreaker for you?

Strawberry tart with a cocoa hazlenut crust – amazing!

You have to check out Rebecca’s fantastic blog Florence Finds – I have a serious girl crush on her!

I’m choosing to believe that its a sign that I HAVE to make them that Deb from Smitten Kitchen posted these scrumptious looking chocolate swirl buns ON MY BIRTHDAY! It’s meant to be, right?!

Animals and circuses – how do you feel?

Did you know – the bacteria responsible for spoiling of food (such as mould) are actually different from the bacteria that can give you food poisoning? Food can look and smell great and make you ill, or be mouldy and furry and be fine to eat! Check out this article

How do you keep track of your favourite recipes?

Behind the scenes of a McDonalds photoshoot – how do they get the burgers to look so perfect?

Millie the cat gets a job guarding a warehouse. Adorableness! Click the link!

Amazing chocolate chip cookie dough – devils food – cheesecake – cake by Sprinkle Bakes