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Ah summer. Those months when things go a bit quiet. Worthy Oscar-bait films are replaced with Summer blockbusters, the news slows down to a crawl and some of my favourite TV shows disappear from the air.

Shows like 30 Rock, Up all night, Parks and Recreation and Fringe (my favourites!) run Sept – May, leaving me in a pickle when it comes to what to watch during the summer. Since I usually only watch TV while running on the treadmill, I like any show thats entertaining but not too difficult to follow (I might fall off if I get too engrossed!). Here are a couple of somewhat cheesy gems that I’ve discovered lately.

Revenge – If you enjoy shows that feature amnesia, shocking paternity scandals, unrequited love, and above all, deception then you will frickin’ LOVE Revenge. Its somewhat ridiculous premise means that the whole show is in danger of being laughable, but the likeable and fantastic looking cast keep everything above board. It’s worth watching for the shots of the Hamptons alone, and the production is great.

It’s also worth watching just so you can feast your eyes on Madelaine’s Stowe’s turn as Victoria Grayson – the ultimate rich b*tch. She actually manages to make her character sympathetic despite her being basically the connivingest cow in the world. Plus, just look at her – this woman is 54 years old and she looks better than most of the twentysomething girls in the cast! Amazing.

More lightheartedness in the form of Falling Skies, where we follow a rag tag group of resistance fighters mounting an insurgency against a force of hostile alien invaders who’ve all-but enslaved humankind.

The main reason that I like Falling Skies is that I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic tales, and it also doesn’t hurt that Noah Wyle (the lead) spends a good amount of time brooding scruffily to camera. Nice.

More cheese I have loved over the years –

  • Sunset Beach (OMG do you remember?!)
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Dawson’s Creek

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure show?

x Kerry