Nottingham news! Cath Kidston is opening a Nottingham store, huzzah!

Coconut marscapone wedding cake I’m adding this to the list of 15 other cakes I’m planning to have at my wedding (one day!)

Meat grown in a lab – what are your thoughts? Would you eat it as a vegetarian? And could it be the way to stop global warming?

Science = deliciousness – One day I’m going to brave homemade marshmallows…… one day. Will it be before or after macarons? Who can say… (I don’t know)

Will the fragile state of the world’s resources cause the next world war?

Do your everyday conversations contain enough Heather’s quotes? The answer is almost certainly no. Brush up here

Kodi the kitten takes her human for a walk

If anyone’s going to Ikea, could you pick me up one of these pllllllleeeease?

Having it all looks very different for upper middle-class and working class women

Mischievous bear cub gets itself into a pickle, momma bear comes to the rescue

He certainly wasn’t delicious