Happy Tuesday guys! What are you up to today?

Even though it’s now July, it’s still rainy, grey and humid in the UK, with rain, rain, more rain and thunder and lightening in the forecast. My hair is pretty thick so that means that there’s zero point my trying to straighten or do anything with it, especially when it’s freshly washed, as the second I step outside the door it will puff up into a frizz bomb. Oh well, more time in bed!


For once I have applied nail polish though! This is lilac ice by Barry M and I heart it. Applied on Saturday and you can already see the tip wear. Anyone know how to stop that happening?


Hair is up and out of the way to prevent the previously mentioned frizz – splosion.


I’m wearing a patterned Primark dress with some kind of ….. Leaves? On it.


The top view, it has really pretty cap sleeves but they’re a tad tight. I don’t know if it’s just me but I always have to buy 1-2 sizes up in Primark, and this dress is a ten. Breathe in!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, whatever you’re doing and wearing!