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Excellent article about the current generation of young people (I am one!) who will grow up poorer than their parents for the first time in living memory.

Desserts for dudes – beer and pretzel cupcakes!

Staying active is the most important step you can take to lower your risk of breast cancer. Eating healthily and drinking moderately also help.

Charlie Brooker’s take on the Geordie Shore lot – “You’d have more chance of decent conversation if you sewed a larynx into a lamb shank and asked if it’d seen any good films lately.” I’ve never actually seen the show but the article is hilarious. And *shudder* that picture is all the proof humanity needs that men should never EVER sculpt their eyebrows.

Women are more frightened of childbirth than they’ve ever been – can a ‘birth buddy’ who’s already given birth help?

You must watch this fantastic video tutorial by Sweetapolita on How to frost a cake. I had lots of “a ha!” moments watching this – its great for cake beginners and those more advanced who want to brush up too. There’s also a companion video showing how to do the borders.

CBBC’s commentary of the Euro 2012 final sounds FANTASTIC

Enlightening article from The New York Times about the modern cult of busyness. It personally drives me mad when people at work fall over themselves to tell you how busy they are.

Amazing fourth of July cakes. Hope you had a happy Independence Day American readers!

Blueberry-lemon buttermilk bundt cake by Brown Eyed Baker – click for the recipe! I will be making this imminently!