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Happy Tuesday! How is your week going so far? It’s another wet one in the UK, with torrential rain, thunderstorms and cool temperatures.

Since I don’t spend too much time outside (just walking to work) I pretty much dress how I want for the office, but make sure I have trainers, a big umbrella and a jacket for the walk!


I did something with my hair today though! It looks so much better even tied back when it’s straightened. I wish there were some easier ways of making it look good!


Spotty dress – Marty photobombed me!


HIGH Mango shoes. I LOVE these shoes, I got them in the ASOS sale and they’re the only shoes I have which make me look even slightly fashionable! Plus they’re really easy to walk in despite their height because of the straps.

Today I’m working followed by Slimming World… I haven’t been eating very healthy the last week at all (but I have oh so many new treats to share!) so I’m not looking forward to it, but I refuse to
chicken out!

What are you wearing today blog readers, and what are you getting up to?

X Kerry