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Awesome list of some of the best post-apocalyptic fiction out there. I’ve read a few of these and the others have immediately jumped on my to-read list.

A family of four needs to earn at least £36k to maintain a decent standard of living in 2012 according to the Rowntree Foundation. 25% of all families in the UK fall below this.

EHRRMARGOD – Bake at 350 has made some decadent Peanut Butter Cup cheerio bars. This is not helping me to resist the chocolate cheerios that have appeared in Tesco!

Detroit is opening a live-action zombie theme park, rendering all other theme parks in the world entirely boring by comparison

S’mores cookie bars – I’m doing a 9 mile sponsored walk next week…. do you think that means that I should make these…. for energy?

Would you pass the UK citizenship test and be allowed to live here? I got 8 answers right out of 15 so I’d be out the door!

This cherry almond crumble cake looks like the perfect alternative to the cherry bakewell (which I find a touch too sweet) – yum! With my newfound love of cherries I shall be making this soon!

Check out this great post by a fellow WordPresser on faking it in your twenties (confidence that is)

Men crying – are you on board? How do you react, should they do it, should they not do it?

Daydreaming…. if the sun ever comes out I *have* to make these yummy watermelon spritzers