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Happy Wednesday readers! I hope you’re having a lovely week. This is a round up of all the things I’m loving right now, Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell me what you’re loving in the comments!

1. My new bag!

I spied this bag in Peacocks, and let me tell you, I was super amazed too! They never have cute bags… anyway it’s pretend leather but seems pretty sturdy and was only £15! Plus it holds an amazing amount of stuff and looks good

2. Trek bars

I’ve discovered these lately and they’re a great option for when you need a filling snack on the go. Unlike other ‘healthy’ bar snack options I’ve tried in the past, they aren’t full of added sugar – just natural ingredients like fruits, nuts and oats. They’re also much higher in protein than many other alternatives, meaning, as they say on the packet, they keep you fuller for longer! So far I’ve tried cocoa brownies, cashew cookie and pecan pie flavours (yes I am drawn to the dessert names!) and they were great! You can learn more about their products and where to buy them here.

3.Chocolate Cheerio’s

Hurrah! I can think of many great rocky road type bars to make with these. Now how long before we get peanut butter cheerio’s or cinnamon cheerio’s?

4. Birthday Treats

Even though its now been a month since my birthday, I’m still enjoying various birthday related Treats, including a spa day this past weekend and various shopping spree’s. My workmates very kindly bought me a Lakeland voucher so I bought a few things…

Spotty cupcake cases – unlike some other cases I’ve had in the past these were the perfect fit for my cupcake tins, and held their colour quite well after baking (and peeled off easily too!). These were £3.29 for 100.

Wilton palette knife/spatula – I’ve wanted a proper palette knife for a while so my birthday voucher was the perfect excuse! I’ve been finding this so handy for baking.

Lemon squeezer – Um, I needed a lemon squeezer!

Pie dish – I love their new range of pie dish’s – more because I would use them as serving dishes and plates/bowls – they’re so cute! This one was £4.29

Vanilla – I always need it for baking and it costs the same in Lakeland as the supermarket. I’ll have to try their coffee and other extracts soon too.

This cute little jar was only £1.30ish (I can’t find it on Lakeland online) and I thought it would be great to hold pancake or cookie mix as a Christmas or birthday gift. I also wish I’d picked up one of these while I was there – I’ve been looking for one for a while!

Your turn, readers! What are you loving right now?

x Kerry