In order to get on the housing ladder, young people require degree-level education, a partner and generous grand/parents

Lemon meringue milkshakes over at Sweetapolita! Sweet!

Could you go without makeup for the day?

When you’ve got people over, a no-bake dessert is ideal – like this chocolate chip peanut butter pie!

What happens when you become your best friends boss?

People love recycling/thrifting more than ever! Oxfam is enjoying record sales despite the double-dip recession

What was Anne Hathaway really eating to fit into that catwoman suit?

But we don’t have to be catwoman… so what if…. you took two freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookies, and sandwiched them together with a peanut butter cup?

Going dutch – how do you manage your money in a long-term relationship/marriage?