My goodness, this has been a cake filled week! Not that I regret it… I wouldn’t change a single thing!

I made battenberg cake…. it’s so pretty! I decided to cut them into cake canapes.

And healthy banana bread with very little butter or sugar at all. Delicious and guilt free!

The weather was warm and sunny at the weekend so I lay out in the garden with a magazine, suncream and an ice lolly!

Aw shucks! Lee was out on Saturday night so I grilled myself up some fresh sweetcorn. SO delicious. (Lee has a weird phobia of sweetcorn. Don’t tell him I told you).

A pretty delivery from dotcomgiftshop!

Marty gives me some blogging advice

I haven’t forgotten about Cupcake Academy…. right now I’m testing vanilla cupcake recipes!

And eating al fresco… yum!

I visited Cambridge yesterday… such a beautiful, lovely town. I popped into the darling chocolate shop Chocolat Chocolat and wanted to buy everything! I restrained myself and bought just a few of their handmade chocolates instead.

Finally……………. I have the MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER.

That’s a kind of reward for those who read this far down!

No, I’m not pregnant, engaged or going into space, it is (OF COURSE!!) food related!

As I was walking through Cambridge I walked past…..a Cinnabon. And I nearly fainted.

You see, my obsession with Cinnabon goes back a few years from the time when I first memorised Nigella’s Norweigan Cinnamon bun recipe. I’ve also made homemade Cinnabon’s, but I’ve never tasted the real thing. Until yesterday! Of course, I HAD to have one, even though they’re the size of a Big Mac and probably contain my RDA of fat for the year. And it tasted AMAZING.

Their slogan is ‘life needs frosting’. Yes it does!

Isn’t it amazing when dreams come true? I’m very excited (or maybe just on a sugar high!) for this weekend – please let me know what you’re up to!

x Kerry